This is the most widespread shield of an old Briand Family.

Is originally from Cornouaille, in Brittany, ancient region of the Old Regime.


SANS DETOUR  (Without detour)

A shield d'argent (silver), quartered by saltire azure (blue), like the St. Andrew's Cross, between four roses de gules (red).

The meaning of the symbols is: the silver color (argent) symbolizes the purity, faith and obedience. The carriers of this enamel in their shield were recognized like serving to the King in the nautical and had the obligation to protect the orphans and to defend young maids. The cross bands (saltire, sautoir) demonstrate the defense of  religion and territories; blue color (azure) means the qualities of justice, obedience, loyalty, mercy and prudence, with the obligation to the service and protection of Agriculture before their Sovereign and their country. Roses are the symbol of the Virgin Mary, protector of the valiant knights, and the red color (gules) is the element fire; strength, value, honor, boldness and victory, with the obligation of the service and protection of their Arms before their Sovereign and their country, or Prince.


franšais   espa˝ol



It's important, however, to remark that there are no shields belonging to an specific surname, but to certain families with that surname. It means that do not exist surname's shields or coat of arms, only families with their own coat of arms.





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